Reo-Pure™ Wall Mount RO Systems
Reo-Pure™ LP3-WMS Light Commercial Wall Mount RO Systems are the most sought after systems, if space is a premium and simplicity of operation and maintenance is your desire. The LP3-WMS Series is a wall mount version of our most popular Reo-Pure™ RO System, the LP-ES Series. Designed with the same characteristics that made the LP-ES Series sought-after, but in a lightweight wall mount unit.
The Reo-Pure™ WMS Commercial Wall Mount RO System Series is a space saving, wall mount design with models ranging from 400 gpd up to 6,000 gpd. Similar to our BLS Commercial RO Series, the WMS Wall Mount Series allows you to select a system with as many options as you need. Choose from three distinctive model packages: Econo, Standard or Optimum.