Repressurization Tank Kits | RO Pre & Post Treatment 
Repo Pump Kit Includes:
Non-metallic, corrosion resistant Sta-Rite jet pump, with pressure switch and gauge. Sta-Rite ProSource pressurized steel storage tank with pump mounting bracket. Sch 80 PVC pipe, Sch 80 PVC fittings, and shut-off valve for easy tank draining.
Translucent Vertical Dome Tank Kit Includes:
Storage tank with cover, and installed inlet, outlet and overflow bulkhead fittings. Check valve and precut Sch 80 PVC pipe with socket fittings for easy connections.
Black Roto Molded Tank:
Black rotationally molded polyethylene tank with 1-1/4" Sch 80 PVC internal pump suction piping installed, including a screened foot valve, and inlet, outlet and overflow bulkhead fittings. Precut pipe and socket fittings to connection tank to repo pump.
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